About Us

“As a first generation high school graduate who grew up in a small West-Texas town, I had to finance most of my out-of-state college education. I didn’t know what my financial aid options were and walked away with over $100,000 in student loan debt. As a 22-year-old in an entry-level position, my payments were almost half of my paycheck.

I felt confused and a little cheated. I did what I was “supposed to do.” I got my degree, got a job, but was still struggling to keep up with $1,000 a month payments. I knew I was not alone in this struggle, and decided to do something about it. This is why I created Chipper.” – Tony Aguilar, CEO and Founder of Chipper

Tony Aguilar

We believe the biggest economic issue in the U.S. can’t be solved by improving small pieces of a broken system—real change has to be foundational. So rather than make incremental improvements, we’ve set out to become the first student loan management company that replaces student loan servicers thus streamlining the entire repayment and forgiveness processes. 

By allowing borrowers to discover and automatically enroll in student loan forgiveness programs, income-driven repayment plans, and chip away at their debt faster with features such as Round-Ups, Recurring/One-Time Boosts, and Pool, we are making financial freedom from student loan debt more accessible and attainable.

We are a team of bright and passionate individuals dedicated to our mission of helping borrowers pursue life, liberty, and freedom from student loan debt.

Over 25,000 student loan borrowers trust us with their student loans. If you feel lost regarding your repayment options, forgiveness program eligibility, or just need someone to talk to regarding your student loans, feel free to reach out to us in app or by emailing us at hello@chipper.app. We are here for you every step of the way!