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What is Operation Fresh Start?

When student loan repayment begins again, 7.5 million Federal student loan borrowers will be able to...
Remove yourself from default
Wipe your delinquent payment history
Instantly boost your credit score
Gain access to better repayment options

How Credit Insights Improves Your Credit

Remove Late/Missed Payments

Users can use Chipper to remove themselves from delinquency on their student loans and wipe away late payments during the fresh start initiative

Credit Alerts

Always know how you are improving your credit and what you can do to keep your score on track!

Credit Score Simulator

Understand how your student loan repayment will affect your credit score.


Are student loans considered in credit score?

Student loans are considered an installment loan similar to an auto loan, personal loan, or mortgage. These installment loans are reported to your credit score regarding your payment history, length of credit history, and credit mix (use of credit services). These all play a role in adding or detracting from your score.

What is the Fresh Start Program?

Under the Fresh Start Program, borrowers whose federal student loans were delinquent or in default prior to the pandemic will be returned to a “Current” status when the payment pause ends. The delinquencies and defaults will be removed from their credit history.

How can Chipper remove my delinquency status on my student loans?

With the Fresh Start initiative, defaulted student loan borrowers are restored of their borrowing status and can remove delinquent payments on their credit. Chipper helps manage the process for the user being removed from federal student loan delinquency as well wiping away accompanying late/missed payments.

How can student loans affect your credit score?

Your payment history and and the amount borrowed can play a role in determining your credit score. Being late or missing payments on your student loans are the most common causes for student loans negatively impacting one's credit score.

Will paying off my loans affect my credit score?

Yes, the ability to pay off existing debts will benefit your credit score over time. Lowering your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio is often the largest obstacle for borrowers to be approved for large purchases such as a house or automobile. Paying off student loan debt is the first step!

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