Success Story | Meet Debbie F.

Debbie F.

Portland, OR

Lyft Driver

2 daughters

Principle student loan balance: 200K+

How we helped:

Debbie was looking for a way to remind her to make student loan payments as well as a way to send extra payments to her loans that didn’t feel like extra payments. She came across our Chipping Away features and has made a significant dent in her debt.


“I started going to college at 21 years old, I started at a brick and mortar school but then eventually switched to online. I got my bachelors degree and then my masters, but it took me 31 years to graduate. I’m a single mom with two kids and my youngest is in college. I try to help her with her student loans as much as I can. We’re both enrolled in income-based plans, but I was constantly missing payments because I kept forgetting to pay. I have a lot of loans and it’s not good to miss a payment! I like using Chipper because I can send extra payments when I can and I can see all of my loans in one place. I’d probably keep missing payments if I wasn’t using Chipper. Thanks so much for all your help. You guys are always there to answer any of my questions. Love your service.”

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