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Roundups are an effortless way to be proactive in making payments toward your loans every day. Every time you swipe your card, the total cost is rounded up to the nearest dollar, collected within Chipper and  sent to your loan with the highest interest rate on a weekly basis.

Min and Max


This feature lets you set up a monthly minimum amount and maximum amount deposited from your round ups. If your minimum for the month is $12 and your maximum is $30, this means that your minimum for each week is $3 and rounds-up stop once you’ve hit $30.

Chipper Boost


Chipper boost is an opportunity for you to set up recurring monthly payments on the day that best accommodates you! You have complete flexibility on the amount you’d like to spend toward your loan, as well as the day you prefer this amount to be pulled. 

Make a One Time Payment


If you have a little extra spending money and decide you want to make an immediate transaction, you can use our one-time payment feature to select the preferred amount you want to send! We will handle the rest!

Chats in App


Live chat within the app with a Chipper team member any time! If you have a question, if you love us, if you hate us, CHAT US. We respect your feedback and getting to know our users!

1-on-1 Advice


Get expert loan advice completely for free using our 1-on-1 chat feature with TISLA. TISLA is a nonprofit created to ensure that all consumers have access to fair, free, student loan advice and dispute resolution. Loan management is a unique journey for everyone and TISLA is here to help.



Receive updated payment confirmations via in-app and email notifications every time a payment is being processed. Payments usually take up towards 7-10 business days to reach your lender.

Chipper News


As of June 13, 2019, Chipper is helping eliminate $201,417,896 in total debt among our users! This number rises daily, but breaching $200,000,000 was a big win for us. We are so proud of our members who are aggressively chipping away their debt and taking control of their financial futures!

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