Student Loan Forgiveness

99% of student loan forgiveness applicants are rejected​. We’ll make sure you’re part of the 1%.

99% of student loan forgiveness applicants are rejected
Discover which forgiveness programs you're eligible for
Easily enroll and track your progress toward forgiveness
Cap your monthly payments in proportion to your income
Flexibility if your income changes
Get started toward the student loan forgiveness program that is right for you!
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
If you are employed by a non-profit organization or the government, you could be eligible to have your student loans completely forgiven.
Teacher Loan Forgiveness
If you are a full-time teacher at a Title 1 school, you may be eligible for $5,000 or $17,500 off of your student loans.

Access To All Programs
Each state has their own student loan forgiveness programs. With Chipper, you can easily see which programs you're eligible for and apply!

How It Works
Discover your eligibility

Link your loans and tell us a little about yourself. We’ll check different forgiveness programs to see which one you’re eligible for.

Compare your options

Compare all your forgiveness options side-by-side to find the best fit for you.

Easily enroll online

Pick a forgiveness program and we'll guide you through the online enrollment process.

How Chipper can help you
Discover & Understand Your Forgiveness Options

Chipper examines 150+ loan assistance, income driven, and forgiveness programs you may be eligible for.

We present the forgiveness programs you're eligible for side-by-side so you can easily compare and understand your options.

Pros / Cons of each program = transparency

Repayment Plans

In order to qualify for student loan forgiveness, you will need to enroll in an
Income-Driven Repayment Plan.
Income-Driven Repayment = lower monthly payments!
We'll walk you through the repayment plan you're eligible for and how to enroll.

Apply & Manage

Apply, manage, and make payments to all of your loan servicers directly from the Chipper app.
Chipper is free to find your best forgiveness program and repayment plan!

Don't be part of the 99% who are rejected!

Quickly enroll into any program/plan directly from Chipper. We also manage annual (re)certification for income-driven and forgiveness programs.

We will guide you through filling out all the required documents, and alert you when it’s time for the next one.

Track your progress & payments all in one place
Track and view your payments, expected forgiven amount, and forgiveness date
Email Employment Certification Forms (ECF) directly to your employer
Submit all annual (re)certification forms through the app
We’ve set out to replace student loan servicers
altogether and streamline the repayment process
Over 25,000 student loan borrowers trust Chipper to manage their loans

Manage and automate every aspect of your student loans and never have to deal with servicers again.

Committed to your safety
Powerful Security

We protect your data with bank-level security and 256-bit encryption.

Serious Privacy

We do NOT sell your personal information.

Real Transparency

We keep you updated on your payments along the way.

Peace of Mind

Reach us in-app or by email. We're always here to help!

Got Questions?

No, for most student loan forgiveness programs you must work in education, public service, or for a non-profit. If you’re not sure if you qualify, it’s completely free to find out!

Besides being employed by an eligible employer, you must have federal loans. Unfortunately, private loans are not eligible. 

There is no cost to discover and manually enroll in a forgiveness program and/or an Income-Driven Repayment (you must enroll in an Income-Driven Repayment Plan to be eligible for student loan forgiveness). If you wish to automatically enroll, there is a cost of $39 per year. Which includes automatic yearly recertification, loan and plan management, and alerts if you ever become ineligible for any reason.

An income-driven repayment plan sets your monthly student loan payment at an amount that is intended to be affordable based on your income and family size.

You will need to recertify your employment status, income, and family size every year. But don’t worry, we can help you recertify!

Yes, for free at anytime. However, most people only qualify for one forgiveness program. If you switch, you may lose years of qualifying repayments thus prolonging the path to forgiveness. 

Got a specific question? Chat with us!