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Get the student loan forgiveness you deserve!

"Raise your hand if you have student loan debt! Unfortunately, student loan debt is a reality for too many teachers. I shared with you all last week that I am not returning to the classroom next year, and my husband has been reminding me constantly that I need to re-apply for student loan forgiveness before this year is over. But you guys, the anxiety is real. I shut down whenever I even think about it. I hate dealing with anything and everything student loans. And I’ve applied before and was denied, so that didn’t help my feelings about it all.

I was ecstatic when Jessica from @Chipperapp contacted me about helping me qualify for student loan forgiveness. She looked through everything and determined that the Teacher Loan Forgiveness program is best for me and I’ll be forgiven $17,500 because I’m a Title 1 special ed teacher! Jessica literally did everything. She contacted my school’s HR director to get his signature and then she sent in my application to my servicer. So now we’re waiting to hear back regarding my approval. This took all the anxiety out of the process and it was so easy!

Chipper has made it completely free to discover if you qualify for student loan forgiveness. If you wish to apply with Chipper’s help, they allow you to choose what to pay! Usually, their members pay around $20 for a year’s worth of services, but they want to help as many people as possible, no matter what their budget is. So Chipper allows you to set your price!

If you haven’t looked into student loan forgiveness yet, or if you’ve applied and were denied, I can’t recommend Chipper enough. For me, it was totally worth it to work with them to take away my anxiety and make the process easier!"

- Laura (@missluluspecialed)

Student Loans Made Easy

Explore Repayment Plans

Explore eligibility and automatically enroll in income-driven repayment (IDR) plans.

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Qualify for Forgiveness

Discover eligibility for 150+ forgiveness options in seconds. Easily enroll and track progress towards forgiveness.

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Chip Away Faster

Automatically chip away student debt with Round-Ups from everyday purchases

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Unlock Chipper+

We believe every student loan borrower should have access to world-class guidance and tools, so you pay one price for everything. And you pick the price!

What's Included:

Assess your eligibility for:

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness

Lower Monthly Payment Plans

Compare and save by looking reviewing your different income-driven repayment options all in one place.


Qualified for $5,000 Teacher Loan Forgiveness

“I’ve learned so much about the different repayment plans and forgiveness programs I didn’t know I qualified for! ”

Meet Yari

Elementary School Teacher | Miami, FL

Qualified for $17,500 Teacher Loan Forgiveness

“I have ten years of income-driven payments and then my balance of $84,737 will be forgiven! ”

Meet John

Special Education Teacher | Kyle, TX

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