Success Story | Meet Matt


Matt H.

Columbus, Ohio

Public Defense Attorney

Principle student loan balance: 160K

How we helped:

Matt discovered he qualified for student loan forgiveness because he works for the government. He had no idea he was eligible nor did he know his options for repayment. Now he’s paying less and on track to have his student loans forgiven!


“I wanted to be an attorney at a very young age. I grew up very poor and always had a passion for helping others who come from the same background as me. Being a public defense attorney means I can help those who otherwise would have no way of defending themselves, normally due to their financial situations. I had to put myself through school due to my financial situation, or lack of. So I know what it’s like to be struggling and in debt. I was very pleased to hear about Chipper through a client who is also a public sector employee. After doing some research I decided to give Chipper a try! Tony helped me understand my payment options and now I’m in a plan that’s on track for public service forgiveness! I highly recommend Chipper and will be telling my clients about you guys. Thanks!”

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