Your employees can qualify for student loan forgiveness!

We want to help your employees navigate and reduce their student loan debt at no cost to you or them!

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Who we are

Founded in 2017, Chipper is a student loan platform empowering borrowers with access to smarter tools to lower monthly payments, qualify and apply for student loan forgiveness, and chip away their debt faster.

We believe expert student loan guidance should be accessible to all student loan borrowers, regardless of employer, credit score, or income. Over the last year, we’ve helped save eligible Chipper members anywhere from $5,000 to $200,000+ in student loan forgiveness!!!

Tony, CEO and Founder of Chipper
Tony Aguilar


We've helped thousands from across the country

How It Works


Discover & Compare

Link your loans & tell us a little about yourself. We’ll check which forgiveness programs you’re eligible for. Easily compare your options side-by-side.


Get on Track

We'll help you max out your forgiveness potential and adhere to all criteria required for your chosen forgiveness program.


Apply or Recertify

Digitally apply or recertify with peace of mind knowing we complete the forms with your information for you so you know it's done correctly.

Improve employee financial wellness, increase productivity and retention, and attract higher quality diverse talent

Productivity & Retention

  • Overwhelming student loan debt could lead to employees being distracted and unfocused at work.
  • Lowering payments by an average of $300 per month / $3,600 per year is essentially a pay raise for employees
  • 71% of public-sector executives consider the PSLF program to be a highly important tool for retaining experienced staff


  • 87% of student loan borrowers would be much more likely to accept a new position given the promise of student loa forgiveness
  • And 51% of those borrowers indicated they were not likely to certain not to have taken their positions had PSLF not existed

Diversify, Equity, and Inclusion

  • The burden of student loans weighs more heavily on Black and Latinx borrowers, who are more likely to hold loans and struggle to repay them, (owe more, pay more, but make less)

Student Loan Forgiveness Could Help Retain Employees

“Knowing I’m on track for the student forgiveness plan and only have three more years before I can apply, I’m definitely staying at my current employer so I can get my loans forgiven!” - Michelle K.

“I’ve struggled to make payments and have considered a part-time job. But Chipper helped me lower my payments and I’m on track to have $36,000 off my loans through forgiveness.” - Kevin D.

Get your employees the forgiveness they deserve.
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