Meet Your Student
Loan Sidekick

Student loans can be confusing and overwhelming. Whatever your situation, we got your back. Whether you need help lowering payments, qualifying for forgiveness, or chipping away faster we have a tool for you.

Lower Your Payments

You could qualify for lower monthly payments – maybe even $0.

Our Discover tool will guide you through checking eligibility and enrolling for an Income-Driven Repayment plan.

Compare your options in a single view.

Explore how life events affect you now and in the future.

Qualify for Forgiveness

If you work in education, public service, or for a non-profit you can have your loans forgiven after 10 years. Use our forgiveness tool to:

  • Find out programs you’re eligible for
  • Track your progress on popular programs like PSLF
  • See how life events change how much of your loans could be forgiven

Chip Away Faster


Pay down your loans without feeling it. As you spend money on normal purchases like groceries (or tacos), we apply the change to your highest-interest loan.

Recurring Boosts

Be sure to be making progress on your loans with consistent payments.


Get family and friends involved with Pool. Who needs another birthday gift card? Let those who love you most help you move onto your next adventure: financial freedom.

One-Time Boost

Boost the progress on your student loans by getting ahead with a one-time payment.

We're here to help.

Yes, there is a small fee of $2 ($0.50 each week) to process your transactions. You will only ever be charged $2 a month to use as many features at a time as you prefer! This fee will be pulled from your roundups, not additionally. This is not a membership fee, just a transaction fee. Therefore, you will never be charged if you aren’t actively using any Chipper features.

Pay down your debt without even feeling it. As you spend money on normal purchases like groceries or gas, we apply the change (rounded up to the nearest dollar) to your highest-interest loan. These payments are sent on a weekly basis.

Discover allows you to explore which of the 100+ repayment plans you’re eligible for, including Income-Based programs and Loan Forgiveness. You have options, we help you find your best one. Just answer a few short questions and we guide you through the rest.

In order to prioritize your debt pay-off, we send your payments to your loan with the highest interest rate. Loan lenders are required by law to apply payments first to any outstanding interest or late fees. Any excess payment will automatically be applied to accrued interest since your last monthly payment first and then to your principal balance from your loan with the highest interest rate.

Chip away your loans

Join thousands of others saving over $200 on their monthly payments