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Chip Away Your Student Loan Debt

Chipper rounds up change from everyday transactions and automatically chips away your pesky student loans. The average borrower will save $6,200 and 4 years on repayment.

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Save on every transaction

Never feel bad about your froyo habit again. With Chipper, your daily purchases become an investment in your future. So when you drop $6.20 on a sweet treat, you’re also sending $0.80 towards the principal balance on your student loans.

Awesome, right??

EASY AS 1-2-3

How it works

1. Link Your Accounts

Download the app and connect your bank accounts and student loan servicers.

2. Spend Like Normal

Go about your daily life and spend money like usual. We’ll round each transaction to nearest dollar.

3. Watch Your Loans Disappear

Sit back and feel chipper as you watch your student loans get chipped away at the end of each month.

“Makes me feel better about all my random purchases.”

– Kyle (real life Chipper user)

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It’s a no brainer

Between your boss, friends, and that vacay you’re saving for, student loans is the last thing you want to think about. We get it. Let us do the work and chip away your debt while you’re out living your best life.


What are you waiting for?

Set It & Forget It

Like your favorite infomercial, Chipper works for you as you go about your daily life. We’ll send you monthly updates to show your progress.

Only half cup of coffee

Silly low monthly fee ($0.06 / day) to save you thousands of dollars and years on repayment. Not sure why you would, but cancel anytime.

Serious Security

We take the same security measures as your bank. We do not store your banking information on our servers, and we only access it when we need it.


Tony Aguilar

Tony is a first generation high school graduate who had a humble upbringing in a small, west Texas town and was straddled with over $100k in student debt. Before launching Chipper, he was co-founder and CEO of Student Loan Genius, where he invented the first student loan benefit, allowing companies to help contribute towards their student loans.

Featured in the Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Money Magazine, and on CNN, Tony’s commitment to helping young professionals get ahead and live a life free from debt is the common thread in all of his work. President Obama invited him to the White House to share his story and the impact he is having with Student Loan Genius.


We’re live now with a select group of users. If you’d like to get added to the list click the button below and download!