Debt Management, simplified

Chipper simplifies your journey to being debt-free with intelligent automation for a plan you can stick to confidently


Chipper members tackling student debt and carving their path to long-term wealth.

Manage all of your debts in one place

Say goodbye to manual tracking. We connect all your debt accounts, from credit cards to student loans, in a single, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

Navigate Your Student Loans with Ease

Chipper streamlines student debt management, enabling easy exploration and enrollment in repayment and forgiveness programs, including the new SAVE plan.

Chip away at your own pace

Customize your debt repayment to fit your lifestyle and goals, either by using our Round-Ups feature for effortless savings or setting a consistent monthly payment to meet your debt-free timeline.

Build a debt-repayment plan that’s right for you

Our advanced technology tailors leading Snowball and Avalanche strategies to your debts, interest rates, and financial situation, crafting a personalized, effective strategy that fits your budget.

Set your plan on autopilot

After setting your plan, we automate your extra payments, handling everything to ensure timely payments from your linked bank account without any manual effort.

Celebrate your progress

With our intuitive dashboard, track your progress to a debt-free lift with real-time updates, visual charts, and insightful analytics.