Chipper Ambassador Program

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Welcome to the Chipper Ambassador Program!

We are excited about your interest in being a part of our team. We work closely with our Chipper Ambassadors to create content that is engaging and helpful for each creator's unique audience and highlights what living a Chipper life is all about!

What does it mean to Live a Chipper Life?

Chipper's mission is to empower every student loan borrower to get out of debt faster. We are working hard to build the number one app for student loans because we know that financial wellness is a huge piece of overall wellness. Our goal is to support Chipper members along their financial journey so that they can create the life that they want. Learn more about what it means to live a Chipper life when you join our team!

Tabatha Wesley (@tabwesley) after we interviewed her experience with Chipper as a teacher achieving teacher loan forgiveness

What is a Chipper Ambassador?

A Chipper Ambassador is a valued Chipper partner and spokesperson. We are diligent and intentional with our team selection as we strive to work with creators who genuinely care about helping their community improve their overall well-being, starting with getting out of student loan debt. 

Chipper Ambassadors understand the stress and frustration that comes with student loan debt, either from personal experience or learning about the struggles over 41 million Americans face. 

You are a great fit if:

  • You are passionate about sharing tools that make a difference in your communities lives
  • You want to empower others to crush their student loan debt. Collectively, we can help thousands to chip away at the debt that burdens them and get on a path to living a Chipper life.
  • You are community oriented. You want to serve as a thought leader within the student loan space and build meaningful connections with other ambassadors and members of the Chipper Club

Chipper Ambassador Highlights:

  • Opportunity for passive income
  • Exclusive Chipper Ambassador gear  
  • Help others reach their financial goals 
  • Monthly sweepstakes and prizes
  • Connect with like-minded creators 
  • Invitation to exclusive Chipper Ambassador events
  • Private ambassador space within the Chipper Club