December 7, 2021

How To Defer Navient Student Loans


A student loan deferment means that you temporarily stop or reduce the payments you make. It is a way to prevent interest from accruing and is a way to alleviate the pressure of a student loan.

Interest will not accrue for subsidized loans like Direct, and you can defer for up to three years. Unsubsidized loans will still gain interest during this time.

Deferment Eligibility

To qualify for a deferment, you must be in one of several circumstances. Each of them will have forms you can fill out on Navient. These include:

Military Service

You can apply to determine if you serving active military duty connected to a national emergency, an operation, or a war. Alternatively, you can be eligible if you’ve completed active duty service.

You don’t need to make payments during this period. The loan will only resume once you resume school or work, and you can hold on to the status for 13 months following the completion of the service.

Economic Hardship

There are three conditions in which you fall under economic hardship. If you meet these qualifications, you can hold that status for three years. The conditions are:

  • Serving in the Peace Corps
  • If you’re receiving government welfare
  • If you’re earning below 150% of the poverty line

Cancer Treatment

You can stop student loan payments and defer them because of cancer. Navient understands that costs associated with this illness are expensive. You’ll just need to fill out the form and show them that you are undergoing cancer treatment. This status continues until six months after treatment completes.

Parent PLUS Borrower

A parent who has a student loan debt and wants to pay for their child’s education may apply for deferment. They can take a Direct PLUS loan and defer the student loan in the meantime. However, the loan must be for an eligible school to qualify. The student must also be enrolled at least part-time.


If you’re having difficulty finding full-time employment, you can request a deferment. The pause can stay for up to three years, and you can also apply after you receive unemployment benefits. For those holding student loans that date back before 1993, the deferment period may differ.

In-School Deferment

In-school deferment is often automatic if you’ve enrolled at least half-time in an eligible college. The school will apply on your behalf. You’ll then receive a notification from Navient of the deferred status. If this does not happen, you can contact either the servicer or the school to inquire, and you can also extend it by around six months.

Many Options to Defer

Navient student loan deferral is a great way to get yourself back on track. With no student loan payments to worry about, you can recover your earning status and resume payments once you’re back on track. However, it is only a temporary solution. If you feel that it will be impossible to pay out student loans, you can consider other options.

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