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If you work for a public school, non-profit, a religious organization, or a federal, state, or local government employer and have federal student loans, you’ll qualify for forgiveness!

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Chipper brings together all the guidelines, rules, and employer databases so you don't have to scour the internet.


By securely linking your loans with Chipper, we ensure your loan types and repayment plan meet all applicable program requirements. And if not, we’ll get you on track so they do!


24% of forgiveness applications are rejected each year for misfiled information! We complete the forms with your information for you so you know it's done correctly.

We get you the forgiveness you deserve

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

TLF is a program for full-time Title 1 school teachers who have completed five consecutive academic years at a Title 1 school. Depending on the subject and grade level taught, eligible borrowers may have $5,000 - $17,500 of their federal student loans forgiven.

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Public Service Loan Forgiveness

PSLF is a program for full-time public service employees that have federal direct loans. Borrowers must be enrolled in a Income-Driven Repayment Plan and make 120 qualifying payments to be eligible for their remaining federal student loan balance to be forgiven.

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We work with employees from the following organizations:

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