May 26, 2020

3 Tips For Modern Latinas To Beat Student Loan Debt

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Chipper teamed up with Janet Cruz Padrón from Latina Money to share her experience as a Latina woman navigating student loan debt. Although written through the lens of a Latina woman for Latina women, everyone with student loans can benefit from Janet’s perspective.
“As college costs continue to skyrocket, an increasing number of Latina students must turn to debt-financing for higher education, often turning hopeful visions of increased opportunity into lasting financial burdens. Fortunately, with some creativity and a little help, debt repayment doesn’t always have to cost you your sanity or well-being. Here are 3 tips modern mujeres (women) can tap into that can help reduce student loan stress:

Remember student loans are an investment in yourself and your future.

You are not your debt, and while you may feel the pressure to press the pause button on your life until you’ve paid them all off, don’t forget to live your life in the present moment! Reflect on the positive experiences or outcomes you’ve had as a result of your education and give yourself permission to continue creating new “in the budget” memories.

Celebrate the wins.

Acknowledging your progress fuels motivation and gives you that extra nudge to keep the momentum going. When you cross a debt milestone – whether it’s paying more than the minimum on a monthly bill, significantly bringing down a balance, or eliminating a balance altogether – take the time to acknowledge just how far you’ve come.  

Find some FinTech friends.

We live in phenomenal times where financial technology (aka FinTech) has made it easier than ever to empower ourselves as borrowers. Seek out the products and services that can help you shave numerical digits and years off of your student loan bill. An amazing FinTech friend I love that I think you’ll love too is Chipper.

Chipper can help you find your best and lowest repayment plan and you can check to see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness programs, all for free! Chipper will truly become a modern mujer’s (woman’s) student loan sidekick! Get started with the Chipper App for free or by clicking the image below to see how Chipper can support you on your own debt repayment journey.”

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