December 1, 2021

Where Is Great Lakes Student Loans Located and How Do I Apply for a Loan?

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Great Lakes Student Loans is a company that specializes in student loans for students attending college or graduate school. The application process is available online, and the website provides information about interest rates, loan amounts, repayment options, and more. If you are interested in applying for a Great Lakes Loan, this article will provide all of the necessary information to get started on your application!

Where Is Great Lakes Student Loans Located?

Great Lakes corporate office is located at 2401 and 2501 International Lane Madison, Wisconsin.

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Great Lakes also has operating centers in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, Eagan, Minnesota, Aberdeen, South Dakota, Plano, Texas, Boscobel, Eau Claire, and Stevens Point.

How Do I Apply for a Loan?

Step 1

Fill out the FAFSA form and submit it to the Department of Education.

Completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to the Department of Education (ED) will allow you to be considered for federal grants, work-study, and student loans.

Step 2

ED reviews your application and sends you and your school information about your award qualifications after it has been processed.

Step 3

Your school offers you information that details the financial help you are eligible for and wants you to study it before accepting it.

Step 4

You look over the facts and agree to accept the assistance you'll need.

Step 5

You complete ED's online Master Promissory Note (MPN), which outlines your loan conditions and responsibilities as a borrower. You will receive a copy of your MPN once it has been approved.

Step 6

Your school will partner with ED to process your loan, and the money is disbursed to your school at the right moment, referred to as the disbursement.

Step 7

After receiving your first disbursement, the Department of Education assigns a student loan servicer to administer your loan. In this case, it will be Great Lakes.

Step 8

Throughout the life of your loan, your servicer (Great Lakes) will be your primary point of contact. In addition to keeping you up to date on the status of your loans, they will also assist you when it comes time to pay them back.

How To Make a Payment on Your Student Loan?

Every payment you make on your loan reduces the amount of money you owe in the long run. In other words, even if you don't have a payment due right away, making a payment is usually a good idea. Furthermore, if you are in repayment, making on-time payments may help you develop a strong credit history and keep track of your loans. Great Lakes provides payment options that are most convenient for you! There are numerous options for making payments quickly and easily.

Ready to Apply for a Student Loan

To apply for a loan, visit Great Lakes at You can also talk to them over the phone at (800)-236-4300!

Great Lakes is dedicated to helping students across the country pay for school to have a better future. Great Lakes offers student loans, payment plans, and more to help you get started!

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