Build Credit with every student Loan Payment

Using Chipper’s Credit Builder Payment can get you an average credit score bump of 90 points.

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How it works

Step 1

Connect Your Student Loans

Sign up for a Credit Builder Payment account and connect your federal student loans

Link Your Checking Account

Link your checking account you use to make your student loan payments

Pay Your Loans & Build Credit

Chipper pays your student loan payment, you automatically pay us back, and we report your on-time payment to the major credit bureaus

Chipper improves factors that make up 80% of your score

No credit check. No interest. No deposits.

Credit Age

Build credit age by keeping your Chipper account open while you’re a chipper member

Credit Use

Get rewarded for your on-time payments. Every time you pay a bill through Chipper, you reported limit goes up, helping you maintain a positive credit-to-debt ratio.

On-Time Payments

Use the Chipper app to pay bills on time, building a positive payment history with Experian®, TransUnion®, and Equifax®

No Hard Pull

There is no hard pull on your credit when apply for a Payment Boost

Track Your Credit Score

Watch how your score changes over time - at no extra cost

Report To All 3 Bureaus

Every payment is reported to all three credit bureaus.

Cancel Anytime

We know making payments isn’t always easy. That’s why you can cancel at any time and get your savings progress back, minus interest and fees.

Automatically Raise Your Credit Score

Chipper works with you on something you already do - paying your student loans. It can take years for your student loan payment history to increase your score. Chipper changes that. Sign up for the waitlist today!

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