Repaying your student loans early just got easier.

Chipper rounds up your everyday transactions to the nearest dollar and deposits the spare change directly into your student loans (avoiding future interest!)

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See How Much You'll Save With Round-Ups

Pay Off Your Student Loans With Everyday Purchases

Spend like normal

Spend $3.25 on your next cup of coffee — we’ll round it up to $4.00, and $0.75 will be deposited towards your student loan. Round-ups help pay down your debt without you even feeling it!

Automatic Payments

Your savings are automatically transferred directly from your bank account to your student loan servicer.

Track Your Progress

You can see when payments are made, how much you're saving in interest, and how much sooner you'll be debt-free!


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Pay Down Principal

Free up your finances and chip away at your principal with everyday spending.
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Reduce Interest

Round-Ups will go directly toward your highest interest loan to help you pay down debt faster without having to lift a finger.
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Improve Credit

Paying down your student loans help you build a credit history by establishing a positive payment history.


What are Round-Ups?

Round-Ups allow you to round up spare change from your purchases to make additional payments to your student loans. Every time you spend using your linked credit/debit cards, Chipper will round up your purchase to the nearest dollar. For example, spending $4.28 would add $0.72 to the purchase amount. We then aggregate an additional transfer to your student loan each week.

How to turn on Chipper Round-Ups:
To enroll in Round-Ups you will need to choose a bank account already linked to the student loan you want to target.  Please note if your bank account balance is lower than $100 we will not take anything out that week. You can pause or resume at any time!

Which account do you use to track my spending?

By default we ask you to link the same account that’s linked to your servicer. We call this your Payment Account. This way, we can ensure that you have enough of a balance in your account before we initiate the payment, to avoid overdraft fees! You can add as many tracked accounts as you would like - the more accounts, the faster you’ll pay down your loans and the more you’ll save on interest!

How do Round-Ups pay down my student loans?

The money from your Round-Ups will be used to start chipping away at your balance on your loan since it is outside of your monthly payments. This is how we’re able to save you such large amounts of time and money with such small chips! On average, we’ve saved users ~$6,200 in interest and almost 6 years in paying down their student loans!
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