Yari A.


Yari A.
Miami, Florida
Principal student loan balance: $

How we helped:

Yari is an elementary school teacher who has worked for over six complete and consecutive years at a title 1 school. She had no idea she qualified for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness (TLF) program. We helped Yari apply for TLF and now she’s going to save $5,000 in student loan debt!


“I graduated with my Masters in reading education back in 2015. I’ve been making monthly payments toward my loans ever since. But it just feels like the majority of my payments are going straight toward the interest and the principal is just hanging in there waving at me! Student loans can be confusing and extremely overwhelming. Luckily, I stumbled across Chipper! They have done an outstanding job at helping me understand and manage my student loan options. I’ve learned so much about the different repayment plans and forgiveness programs I didn’t even know I qualified for! After chatting with Jessica and Tony from Chipper, I discovered I’m eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness AND Teacher Loan Forgiveness! I’ve decided to pursue Teacher Loan Forgiveness and will be forgiven $5,000 off of my student loan debt!!!”

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