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The Story of Yari, an elementary teacher from Miami

Yari A. is an elementary school teacher and social media influencer from Miami, Florida. She has been teaching elementary education for over eight consecutive years at Title 1 schools. Her Instagram (@sweettoothteaching) showcases her colorful classroom style as a TPT Creator, as well as her life as a wife and mother. Yari has been transparent about the resources she uses to help her save money in and out of the classroom. Chipper reached out to Yari in June 2020 to see if we could help her save money by helping her with her student loans. 

In 2020, Yari’s student loan debt balance was $5,664.95.

Student loan forgiveness for soon-to-be-mom, Yari

Yari let us know that she graduated with her Masters in reading education in 2015. She had been making monthly payments toward her loans ever since. However, she felt like she wasn’t making much progress…

“It just felt like the majority of my payments were going straight toward the interest and the principal was just hanging in there waving at me!”

Even with the available federal repayment and forgiveness programs, student loans can be confusing and extremely overwhelming for so many. Yari had no clue she qualified for student loan forgiveness, this was especially good news for her as she and her husband were expecting their first child. 

“As soon as we found out our lives would be changing a bit, we decided we should make a financial plan to help us save money now and for our future. First thing on the list: STUDENT LOANS.” 

Yari was able to discover her student loan forgiveness options by simply signing up for Chipper, linking her Great Lakes loans, and adding her years of public-school employment. She discovered she qualified for two forgiveness programs, Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Teacher Loan Forgiveness. However, Teacher Loan Forgiveness was the better option for her as she qualified immediately and would only have a remaining balance left over of a manageable $664.95. 

We guided Yari through the process of applying for Teacher Loan Forgiveness, sending the application to her and her school official to sign, we then submitted the application to her loan servicer, Great Lakes for approval. 

Two months later Yari received a letter in the mail from Great Lakes that she was approved for $5,000 off her student loans!

Here’s what Yari had to say:

“Chipper has done an outstanding job at helping me understand and manage my student loan options. I’ve learned so much about the different repayment plans and forgiveness programs I didn’t even know I qualified for! After chatting with Jessica and Tony from Chipper, I discovered I’m eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness AND Teacher Loan Forgiveness! I’ve decided to pursue Teacher Loan Forgiveness to be forgiven $5,000 off of my student loan debt!!! That's a huge weight off our shoulders, especially during this big transition in our lives.”

This is $5,000 that Yari and her family won't have to worry about, and with a small balance leftover, Yari can finish paying off her loans before payments resume. 

There hasn't been a better time to discover your student loan options and apply for student loan forgiveness if you’re eligible! With federal student loan payments on pause, you can focus on understanding your forgiveness options and maxing out your forgiveness potential. 

We’ve helped forgiveness eligible borrowers qualify for $80 million+ in student loan forgiveness! 

Are you leaving free money on the table? Discover if you’re student loan forgiveness eligible simply by signing up, linking your student loans from your servicer, and adding your current and previous employers through our employer search. The best part? Our help is completely free!

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