Halved Her Student Loan Monthly Payment Through Loan Consolidation



Heather first used Chipper as a way to chip away at her debt. However, with our help, she was able to consolidate her federal student loans and lower her monthly payment from $142 to $66!

I graduated in 2002 with an Art History degree, after going to two universities in GA. I have always tried very hard to make my payments over the years, but life happens and most of the payments only go towards the interest and not the principal. In addition to that, one of my loans has a very high APR because it is private. Thankfully, I found Chipper! Their Chipper feature helped me to reduce my federal loans weekly with whatever amount I chose to chip away at them. It helped so much to bring the payment down monthly! I can’t tell you how that helped with cash flow and being able to have money to pay other bills.

They are continually integrating and adding new features and I can’t wait to continue on my student loan debt free journey with them! Chipper makes themselves available and are a lifeline at every step! Thanks, and can’t wait to see your future in helping others with their student loan debt!
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