Forgiven Over $20K In Student Loan Debt



Estella started her student loan journey in default but eventually was able to get out and enroll in the income-driven repayment plan, IBR 2009. Since 2012, she’s been making consistent payments and is now eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness!

“I became a social worker specializing in grief counseling because of my own loss and grief. My mother passed away when I was 15 years old. Experiencing that kind of loss as a teenager was extremely difficult for me. I was an only child and my dad and I felt very lost.

I started seeing my school’s counselor and slowly was able to move forward. Her help inspired me to help other teens and young adults who are grieving. In 2007, I graduated with my Master’s degree in social work. Although I had some grants and scholarships, I still had over $50,000 in student loan debt! I began making consistent payments in 2012 and having been paying every month since, especially because I was in default before I started paying! I hated getting calls about my student loans, but with young kids and not making very much, I felt like I needed to save every penny!

But I’m glad I have stuck with paying because now I’m eligible for student loan forgiveness! I had heard about it from my colleague who is also a social worker. She said we could get forgiveness because we work for a nonprofit! I found Chipper through an internet search and Jessica has been helping me ever since. She told me since I have been making payments for 8 years, I only have 2 more years to go to be forgiven of my student loans! I’m excited because I’ll save over $20,000! Thanks, Chipper!”
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