On Track For Over $94,000 Forgiven



We got in contact with Samantha via Instagram regarding helping her with her student loans. She let us know that she worked at a Title 1 public school, so we knew she was eligible for both federal student loan forgiveness programs! However, after reviewing her loans and debt amount, we realized the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program would be best for her. We helped Samantha consolidate her federal direct loans and choose the right income-driven repayment plan (a requirement for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program), which actually lowered her monthly payments to $54/month! After 120 payments, she’ll be forgiven $94,212!

Samantha also had loans called Perkins Loans, since she already had five years of eligible teaching service, she could apply to have up to 100% of her Perkins Loans canceled!!! We helped her apply for cancellation and made sure all of the forms and applications were filled out correctly.

“I was extremely skeptical when I came across Chipper but I am so glad I gave them a try. Jessica and Chipper have been a life saver! I am so grateful for their help! I was drowning in student loans and the amount I was expected to pay a month, over $1000, was impossible. But thanks to Jessica and Chipper I was able to consolidate all of my federal loans into one and then get onto the right payment plan for me. I am so grateful! I am now enrolled into the PSLF program and am on the path to having all of my loans forgiven! That’s $94,212 forgiven!!! I can breathe again. Thank you, Chipper! I will definitely be recommending Chipper to everyone!!”
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