John H.


John H.
Kyle, TX
Special Education Teacher
Principal student loan balance: $

How we helped:

John inquired about loan forgiveness with his servicer more than 3 times over the last 10 years. Every single time he was told he didn’t qualify.

When he used our Forgiveness Explore tool we realized he IMMEDIATELY qualified for Teacher Loan Forgiveness of $17,500! We couldn’t be more excited to help him erase $17,500 from his debt today + put him on the path for Public Service Loan Forgiveness to get the rest of debt wiped away in a few years. We just wish we could have been there years ago to get him the forgiveness he deserves faster.


“I had close to $100,000 in student debt.  25 years later I was barely down to $80,000.  I have been solicited by many debt forgiveness “experts” over those years, but in the end every one of them fell short in actually enrolling me in the correct program- the correct way.  Until I met Jessica and Chipper.  With their persistence and expertise, I have already been awarded $17,500 for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program and have been properly enrolled in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.  I have ten years of income-driven payments and then my balance of $84,737 will be forgiven!  Plus, the peace of mind to know it was all done correctly!  Reach out to Jessica and Chipper they figured it out!!!”

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