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Chipper helps student loan borrowers from all over the U.S. qualify for student loan forgiveness, lower payments, and chip away at their debt.

Allie S.

Chicago, IL

Allie S., a special education teacher from Chicago, was denied Teacher Loan Forgiveness 3 times! With our help, she was able to get her loans completely forgiven!!!

Our Success Stories

You’re working hard to build your future and student loans shouldn’t stand in your way! Our mission is to make financial freedom from student loan debt more accessible and attainable to you!

The Chipper community is made up of thousands of users from across the country who are on their way to a debt-free life. We chatted with some of these individuals to learn more about their goals, their story, and to guide them through individualized, data-driven repayment and forgiveness plans. These success stories are to celebrate their wins and we are excited to share them with you!

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